Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's the morning of day two at ISGC 2010.

I'm currently sitting in the keynote session, where Bernard Marechal is giving an overview of EELA-2, the grid infrastructure in Latin America.

The largest user community in Latin America, Marechal tells us, is bioinformatics. Unlike Europe, earth sciences are not well represented despite some great research on El Niño which is carried out by a collaborating group of the EELA facility.

Like EGEE, EELA-2 is soon to end so preparations are being made for transition to a new model. In the case of EELA (E-science grid facility for Europe and Latin America) this will hopefully become GISELA (Grid Initiatives for e-Science virtual communities in Europe and Latin America).

The outlook for GISELA so far looks bright. EELA and EELA-2 drastically changed perspectives about e-science in Latin America and were very successful, recognised by the highest EC ranking. Hearings for the GISELA proposal also received positive feedback.

If all goes well Marechal hopes GISELA will begin in August or September 2010, and will signal the start of a more sustainable grid structure for Latin America. Our fingers are crossed!

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