Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Walk in the Sunshine

This is Andy Turner's fifth in a series of GridCast posts about ISGC 2010. His previous post is here. It is my penultimate post, the final one I will write once I am back in the UK.

After a morning swim I sat down to breakfast with friends and we talked about matters of research and the future, reflected on the annual series of ISGC events and its focus and wondered how to make the most of our time here now and if we come again. It was one of those spinning conversations that touched on yin yangs of philosophy, mathematics, logic, the humanities, social sciences, and considered life and art of being a good researcher and a good person generally.

Our time here is to some extent what we make of it, but what is arguably as important as attending sessions is making connections both with delegates and others in Taiwan and not missing the opportunity to enjoy this place and its people. With this in mind, I arrived at the Building for Humanities and Social Sciences hopeful of finding a friend to join me on the short walk I suggested in the post I made before I arrived in Taiwan. I uploaded some photos from the walk which you can find linked here. We chatted with a nice fellow at the top who looks after the trail. He was there studying some wildlife and was surely pleased that we had come to enjoy the place he helped make.

More from me from the day can be found here.

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