Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The ESFRI challange

Having attended the ESFRI session yesterday I found that three challenges for the European E-Infrastructure Forum (EEF) raised by Bob Jones stood out in particular:

- Treating grids, supercomputers and networks as separate infrastructures is not a workable strategy for the future. For ESFRI all three will need to be used effectively in combination with one another. The question is how to achieve this.

- The different user communities within ESFRI have different data requirements. For example the social science and humanities community needs effective data archiving systems, whereas the life sciences community require more dynamic databases which can be constantly updated with new data. Each ESFRI project will use different workflows and engines, but the challenge is to develop an infrastructure which can support all of them.

- Despite the various individual requirements of the projects there are common areas which all the user communities need, such as single sign-on. In order to avoid unnecessary repetition and work the pilot projects to investigate how to meet these common requirements need to be carefully designed in order to be useful and relevant to every user community. Trust within in the ESFRI community between different sectors will be key in facilitating the uptake of the results of these projects.

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