Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hotel Uppsala's Pipes of Scotland, Kungsgatan 27

Although I’ve been under the weather and not able to go out at night, this place is in the hotel where I’m staying. A steaming bowl of their Scottish-style Skink Soup is quite satisfying and will make you sleep like a baby. You are probably thinking, ‘I know what a skink is, and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat one on a good day—let alone when my stomach has gone south.’ It helped me to know that, according to Google, Scottish Skink Soup is made from Haddock. Theirs has a smooth cream base, fresh, floating button mushrooms, and loads of flavor. They also have a beautiful beer tapper with 14 varieties all served with a smile, by (from left) Marie, Christin, and Lina.

For those of you who are going out tonight, Lina tells me that the night life continues one block west of Hotel Uppsala on Dragar Brunnsgatan and then one more block to the west on Svartbacksgatan.

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