Monday, May 3, 2010

Traveling in style

Thanks for sending in your stories! From our colleague Isabel Campos Plasencia:

Hi Danielle,

Myself, together with other three colleagues from Spain, rented a car, a luxury Mercedes (see attached pictures) and drove 3200 Km to Spain. So, if there is a prize about "coming back home in style" should be for us :)

We started friday at noon from Stockholm airport, arrived to Hamburg in the late evening, and continue till Santander, in the North coast of Spain, arriving saturday nigh, very late, actually it was sunday already at 2:30am, home. All at all we made it 36,5 hours, not bad :)

The car we rented in the airport, and they charged us 1000 euros extra for giving it back in another country.
Initially we had considered to give it back in Hamburg, and taking the train from there...
BUT, when we got to the car (see pictures) and saw that actually the car had plates from Hamburg....
We thought this people is abusing us, they were charging us 1000 euros for taking the car back home!!!
Therefore we decided to enforce justice.

So, we drove the car, all the way to Spain, hoping that the police did not check the car papers, (where it said it can only cross Denmark and Germany) and drop it in the airport in Santander, at the parking slots of the company at 2:30am.

We still have not heard any complain from them, nor any extra charge of any type. Which I find remarkable because we did not even fill the tank, as we were supossed to. However, we were supossed to give back the car in Hamburg on sunday at noon, instead, we gave back the car before the maximum time! only 2000 Km. from Hamburg.

I attach here some nice pictures of the car navigator when crossing Malmoe bridge, a wonderful sunset over this bridge on friday, and two more of the nicest car any of us ever drove :) All this thanks to volcano.


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