Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All about ESFRI

Something (or should I say things) that keep on popping up throughout HealthGrid2010 are the ESFRI projects. This is unsurprising - the area of healthcare and biomedical research are seen as some of our grand scientific challenges - and ESFRI projects such as ELIXIR are working to establish infrastructures which allow researchers to collaborate on and use life science data and research in this field.

The ESFRI projects have been identified as key user communities of Europe's e-Infrastructures. As such it is very important to take into account their future requirements. A few months ago the European e-Infrastructure Forum (EEF) did just this, and produced a report which surveyed future ESFRI requirements, while suggesting ways in which EEF members could meet these needs. Our next, and newly released GridBriefing, provides a summary of this report as well as showcasing ESFRI projects across the social sciences, biological and environmental domains. To read more about these issues take a look at the new GridBriefing which is up on the GridTalk website now.

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