Monday, July 26, 2010

El Futuro de la Salud: eSalud y Computación Grid

In collaboration with REUNA (the Chilean National Research and Education Network), GridTalk is happy to aanouce the release of our second GridBriefing in Spanish - 'El Futuro de la Salud: eSalud y Computación Grid' (The future of Healthcare - eHealth and Grid Computing).

This GridBriefing, on the topic of eHealth, takes a closer look at the way ICT and grids are shaping the future of healthcare. It follows on from GridTalk's previous GridBriefing in Spanish - 'Las Grid y la Computatión Verde’ (Grids and Green Computing).

Thanks to the partnership from REUNA and GridTalk a selected range of GridBriefings are now available to an even wider audience, allowing more people to discover how grid computing is aiding researchers and citizens across Europe, and the world.

Download the newest Spanish GridBriefing for free at the GridTalk website.

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