Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First day - first try ...

OK, here we go. Blogging. First time for me as well. Anyway ...

I wanted to quickly list the most interesting things I found particular interesting today so that everyone can quickly look them up (on the indico page which can be found here:

- Tier-2 WAN networking was significantly improved by moving the Imperial College T2 outside the firewall. Who knew ... ( But in general it is rather difficult to operate a university T2 because of the scattered infrastructure over the campus and of course the manpwer situation.

- A lot of discussion about the differences and different usage of GGUS and Savannah by the different communities. A good summary of the situation was that GGUS is a general ticketing system while Savannah is more used as a VO specific system

- Interesting fact from the Tier-1 presentation ( Idle batch worker nodes use ~18tonnes CO2 /month (~£3K electricity). This is important as the usage of the Tier-1 sites by the LHC experiments is currently rather intermittend instead of flat. I think this has mostly to do with the amount of data we are currently procesing and the rush before the ICHEP conference.

- Ian gave a very good presentation about resource usage worth a read:

The rest of the day was mostly spend with storage presentations and discussions and I leave that to James to comment :-)

Cheerio from London, Germany vs. Spain is starting in 1 hour, hopefully an interesting and exciting game.


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