Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wLCG So Far

Is it wLCG or WLCG? Do I care? Probably not.

The talks so far have been interesting, apparently ATLAS analyse a LOT of jobs on the grid. This was not really a surprise but the sheer number compared to the others was eye-opening. The case studies in the talks have been pretty interesting with so many just plain weird problems being at fault (who thought a network problem in Frankfurt would be so disastrous for data flow from Geneva to Taiwan?).

The general atmosphere in the room is quite jovial though with many people have been at different ends of all of the problems being discussed. James, Brian, Oliver and Gonzalo will give a better technical view from the day. However Manisha and I will be putting some of the big names in front of the camera later so if there is anyone in particular you would like to see there leave a comment on here and we will rope them in if we can. I think we have Ian Fisk up first as long as I can work the camera ...

Later days,

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