Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beers of Belgium

No visit in Brussel can be complete without tasting some of the great beers that Belgium offers. Last night with Manisha and Neasan we visited the Delirium Cafe, one of the Belgian pubs that offer incredible selection of beers. Take a look at the beer menu – it’s a book with around 100 pages, that’s several hundred types of beers!

Take a look at the beer taps – I was amazed that the bartenders remember which barrel stores which beer and which beer come with witch glass. Each beer comes in its own glass of course...

The interior is also cool – trays, beer glasses and other relics on the walls and on the ceiling.

If you are in Brussels don’t forget to visit the Delerium Cafe. It’s in the centre, only 100 meters from Grand Place.

(Sorry for the low-resolution photos, I had to rely on my mobile because my D40 is not here with me...)

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