Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Citizen Cyberscience Summit


As you can probably tell from the last post, over the next two days we're going to be blogging from the Citizen Cyberscience Science Summit, being held at King's College London. The Summit is a great chance for scientists, developers and citizens to get together and talk about how they can all work together to solve problems that would otherwise be rather tricky. Citizen cyberscience has so far given birth to projects such as Galaxy Zoo, Where's George? and SETI@home, all of whom have speakers at the conference.

All in all it promises to be an interesting couple of days. We'll be posting videos and interesting snippets from the conference right here on GridCast but, in the meantime if you want to get up-to-date on the conference, take a look at the Citizen Cyberscience blog which has lots more info from the speakers and organisers on their opinions of this exciting branch of science. You can also catch all the action on Twitter - just use the #cybersci tag.

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