Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dissemination and the national grid initiatives?

So I'm here at the EGI technical forum in Amsterdam, along with everyone else. What has been one of the most interesting aspects is seeing the new NGIs slowly appearing, even if they are not quite there yet. Hopefully tomorrow they will send someone along to my session on Regional Dissemination, *fingers crossed*.

As Regional Dissemination Coordinator (no really someone pays me) I need to build up good contacts with the NGIs so we can help them, help us promote the grid's success stories. However even if you are not someone who does dissemination we would love to hear about your work so how about coming along to the Telling Your Story session later?

If you can't make that just track me down and let me know what you're upto and how the team at head office can help you. If you're not sure who I am just ask anyone at the EGI booth or wearing a GridTalk t-shirt.

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