Friday, September 17, 2010

Launch of the International Desktop Grid Federation

This week Amsterdam hasn't just been playing host to the EGI Forum. Wednesday also saw the official launch of the International Desktop Grid Federation, which aims to bring together operators and developers of Volunteer Desktop Grid.

Every day about half a million people contribute computing time from their home computers to science. This is already a considerable contribution to scientists who need computing power to solve important problems, such as the energy crisis, the design of new drugs, and the spreading of disease. However, with more than one billion PCs in the world, the computational power available to scientists could easily be increased a hundred fold, speeding up the process of scientific discovery.

Operating a desktop grid, and developing programmes for desktop grids, poses specific challenges. The International Desktop Grid Federation hopes to tackle these by bringing together people from companies, universities and institutes that are interested in using this type of computing power and that want to exchange experiences with others. The idea is to create a vibrant community of Desktop Grid experts who will put Desktop Grid and Cloud computing on the global map. The International Desktop Grid Federation will be the place for professional Grid and Cloud people who want to become familiar with Desktop Grid expertise but do not wish to reinvent the wheel.

For more information on the International Desktop Grid Federation, including how to join, take a look at their press release here.

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