Thursday, September 16, 2010

Local dissemination teams get together

Today I had the opportunity to meet dissemination colleagues from teams across Europe and Mexico as well. As a newcomer to the wonderful world of grid infrastructure, I found this meeting on regional dissemination really useful. Now I know who to pest for stories and ideas for the next issue of Inspired, EGI's quarterly newsletter!

Catherine Gater outlined the dissemination goals and unveiled EGI's brand new look, introducing our new colours, font and logo. Manisha Lalloo presented the outreach e-Science Talk project, that kicked off on 1 September to continue GridTalk's mission to bring grid science to a wider audience. And Neasan O'Neill opened a discussion about our common challenges and ambitions.

I found out that, big or small, all NGIs share more or less the same problems, namely how to convince journalists to write about e-science and how to convince e-scientists to let us know about their research. So, dear reader, if you're a scientist working with grid infrastructure, please-please do let us know about it. I would love to write about your results for the newsletter and the website.

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