Monday, October 18, 2010

Drumming up interest at CHEP 2010

I'm currently sitting in the first plenary of the Computing In High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP) 2010 in Taipei. Ian Bird from wLCG is talking but he has had a hard act to follow, Taoist Drumming from UTheatre:

Most people here (OK the Europeans and Americans) are probably confused as to what day it is let alone what time so the opening act this morning being this pure madness of drumming was dumbfounding but cleared the cobwebs. Once the crowd had recovered it was time for the President of Academia Sinica, Chi-Huey Wong and Vincent Siew Taiwan's Vice President (you wouldn't see Nick Clegg at CHEP if it happened in the UK) to address the crowd. A lot of people had to use the translation service to understand Mr Siew but he gave a very well recieved speech.
Ian is still going through the progress wLCG has made in the last decade so I will get back to him but I will be contributing a few more posts (and photos) to the blog during the week and see who else I can get to say a word or two on here. This week promises both to be interesting from a physics point of view but also culturally (my Chinese is pretty poor so have been doing a lot of pointing and hoping). If you are here and want to blog drop me an email (just google my name) or tag photos on Flickr with CHEP2010 and I'll put up a slideshow on here of photos with that tag.

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