Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy birthday to GÉANT!

2010 marks the tenth year of the GÉANT network, which connects researchers across Europe, and has transformed the way they work and collaborate.

Today GEANT provides a dedicated, high capacity, 50,000 km data network that brings together 40 million users in research institutions across 40 countries, underpinning critical projects that would previously have been impossible without its reach, capacity and reliability.

By connecting Europe’s NRENs – who in turn connect users across sectors such as biotechnology, medicine, radio astronomy and the arts – GÉANT brings researchers together, driving regional co-operation across the EU and strengthening European research as a whole.

To celebrate they've released a special birthday song, composed by Domenico Vicinanza who you might know from the Lost Sounds Orchestra. Domenico has generated the tune by associating a note to each letter found in the names of the NRENs and partners involved in the project. The 'NREN' melody was created on the EGI network.

You can download a copy of the song (also as a ringtone for your phone!) from the GÉANT website.

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