Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 PRACE/LinkSCEEM Winter School Kicked off

Preparing the 2011 PRACE winter school was definitely an intense, time consuming and challenging task for many of the staff members of the Cyprus Institute. Hence, it is with great pleasure to report, that the first couple of hours of the school have gone as expected.

All the attendants, from different parts of the world, arrived on time and the registration took place effortlessly without any problems. Shortly after, the amphitheater in which most of the lectures will take place, was filled with students, waiting eagerly for their first encounter with the school.

The school officially started at 10:30 am, with Professor Leonard Barrie giving a short speech, welcoming the attendants on behalf of the Cyprus Institute.

The welcome speech was soon followed by a speech from Professor Constantia Alexandrou, which gave a brief introduction on the PRACE project, as well as the LinkSCEEM project (which is responsible for much of the funding provided for the school).

Afterwards, Dr. Christos Nicolaou gave a few words on PRACE and LinkSCEEM workpackages, upcoming events and goals. It also summarized what should be expected in the lectures and sessions of the winter school.

Finally, a quick coffee break took place, so that participants get a chance to relax before the lectures and meet each other.

Judging from the first few hours of the winter school, we are off to a good start. Let’s just hope that the continuation will be equally successful and problem-free.

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