Monday, March 21, 2011

大家好 (Hi all!)

那么。。。因为这个大会在台北可能我必须用中文把? 我试一试。
So ... as this conference is in Taiwan, maybe I should use Chinese? I'll try!

大家好。ISGC2011是我第二次參加这会议。从澳大利亚墨尔本到台北只需要12小时航程, 我很高兴能有参与,以及我很喜欢台湾。

Hi all! ISGC2011 is my second ISGC, and it's always pleasant to have a conference which is a mere 12 hours flight from Melbourne, Australia - and it helps that I really like Taiwan!


This year's conference is mixed with OGF, and it will be very interesting for me personally to watch the interplay between clouds and grids... watch this space.

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