Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kicking off Cloudscape III!

SIENA (Standards and Interoperability for e-Infrastructures Implementation Initiative), funded by the European Commission (INFSO/F3), brings a packed agenda featuring over 30 diverse speakers and panellists, the event will tackle cloud computing in several domains, including e-Science, e-Government, public infrastructure, commercial offerings and standards organisations. Connecting these providers and user communities are common issues that affect all involved: performance, security, legal issues, data privacy and - most prominent at Cloudscape - standards and interoperability.

Standardisation and interoperability are linking enablers that will help drive both e-Infrastructures and cloud computing to their full potential. To arrive closer to this potential, Cloudscape is proud to introduce a first version of an evolving SIENA European Roadmap on Grid and Cloud Standards for e-Science and Beyond, produced by a committed team of international experts which make up the Roadmap Editorial Board (REB).

This roadmap document will also be propelled by the use cases that are featured at Cloudscape III, helping to gauge where we are in terms of the goals and direction it puts forth. Over 20 use cases and position papers collected for the event are available in full at the SIENA Channel (, along with speaker bios and additional material. Further content, including presentations and executive summary, will be uploaded promptly after the event’s completion.

To launch these fruitful sessions over the next few days, Cloudscape opens with an introduction by Robert Madelin, DG Information Society and Media Director of the European Commission. As the agenda’s themes transcend Europe, SIENA also welcomes NIST’s Senior Executive for Cloud Computing, Dawn Leaf, to show a comparative perspective from the U.S. Federal Government.

We'll be posting on individual sessions throughout the next two days, looking forward to the discussion!

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