Wednesday, June 29, 2011

e-ScienceTalk signs an MoU with EGI

I’m very pleased to announce that on 23 June e-ScienceTalk signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EGI-InSPIRE. This formalises the fruitful working relationship that already exists between the two projects.

The agreement was signed by Steven Newhouse, Director of and myself as project coordinator for e-ScienceTalk. is the coordinating partner for projects.

“One of the key aims of EGI is to enable access to computing resources for all scientists in Europe and we are working actively to increase the scientific diversity of our users,” said Dr Newhouse. “But for that we need to communicate the benefits of grid computing and this is where the e-ScienceTalk project can help.”

Our goal in e-ScienceTalk of course is to increase the visibility of European e-infrastructures in the wider world. To achieve this, we work to raise awareness of the contributions that distributed computing has made and continues to make to solving the scientific and societal challenges facing us today. We aim to share success stories and case studies with a wide variety of audiences, from the general public to policy-makers.

Our collaboration with will give us access to Europe’s leading scientific grid infrastructure community and we will do our best to let everyone know about their achievements.

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