Monday, July 11, 2011

SC-CAMP 2011 Starts!!

"Under the shadow of the Turrialba Volcano, thirty students from different Latin-America countries and seven instructors from the world will be in the 2011 version of the Supercomputing and Distributed Systems camp for a week. 

This year, the world's happiest country  is the host of this initiative for researchers and PhD students to other students of master and undergraduate programs in computer science and scientific carriers. Costa Rica is one of the most "green" country of the planet (may be the most one), ecological conscience is placed in all of their habitants and the Turrialba site offers exotic trees and different extraordinary birds that every morning with their songs awaken all SC-CAMP participants.

SC-CAMP 2011 topics are addressed to large scale distributed systems profit. Day one was the introduction to large scale architectures, day two is the HPC day, third day is the Grid and Virtualization day to know and enjoy Grid'5000 platform. Wednesday will be the free day to visit the Turrialba's archaeological park, Thursday is named the HPC Boot day, to make several practical sessions in special topics of programming large scale distributed systems. Friday, the Contest day and Saturday the Hot Topics and Green Day, to finish the camping school with the towards on HPC and large scale architectures and a reflexion about HPC green computing.

SC-CAMP is promoted by LatinAmerican HPC-GRID Community with the support of different regional and world institutions, such as the case of Red CLARA, Grid Cast/ISGTW as media partner and more."

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