Monday, September 19, 2011

Arriving at the EGI TF

After getting lost in the morning on my way to the EGI TF in Lyon, finally I arrived to the conference. On the 1st day I am still wandering around the posters and exhibitions.

Being a user support officer in the Hungarian National Grid Initiative, I am rather interested in applications for public usage. So I will be more or less focusing on them.

I think KOPI is really one of those applications (being a bit biased). A recent development, the KOPI - the Online plagiarism search application by MTA SZTAKI Department of Distributed System has been just announced. KOPI aims to detect plagiarism that has become a widespread issue in the field of education, mostly in higher education. The first version of the KOPI portal supported only the comparison of documents uploaded by the users. The latest version of KOPI processes periodically the entire Wikipedia with sophisticated linguistic algorithms running distributed on the volunteers’ computers in the SZTAKI Desktop Grid by SZTAKI Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems. KOPI also offers on-line cross-lingual plagiarism-search between the uploaded documents and the pre-processed WEB 2.0 based encyclopedia.

I know that many other plagiarism search tools already exist, but the KOPI is special amongst them for running on Desktop Grids, being cross-lingual and using Wikipedia. The application is being ported under the Hungarian national WEB2GRID project.

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