Monday, September 12, 2011

EGI Technical Forum 2011: Meet the bloggers

A big hello to our team of bloggers who will be reporting live from next week's conference in Lyon!

Isabel Campos is a physicist, researcher at the Spanish National Research Council-CSIC. In EGI she represents the Spanish NGI at the Council and is a member of the Executive Board.

Oscar Koeroo has worked at Nikhef for the past 7 years in the Physics Data Processing (PDP) group on security middleware developer. He is a member of the Risk Assessment Team of the CSIRT, among other development tasks. Oscar started his career at Nikhef developing LCMAPS. Today he’s the co-developer and co-maintainer for various libraries tools like LCAS, LCMAPS, gLExec, SCAS and the EES.

Steve Brewer studied Computing and Information Systems, with a focus on IT project management, requirements analysis, human-computer interaction and has many years experience in the development of grid computing. Steve is Chief Community Officer at and is responsible for engaging with new virtual research communities (VRCs) to ensure that their needs and requirements are met by the evolving infrastructure.

Bruce Becker has been coordinating the national grid deployment in South Africa since 2009 at the Meraka Institute. As coordinator of SAGrid, he works closely with many South African universities and national labs, as well as coordinating the participation to FP7 projects (EPIKH, CHAIN, etc) and sub-Saharan infrastructure and research projects.

Agnes Szeberenyi is a research fellow at SZTAKI LPDS, coordinating the Grid Application Support Centre and Dissemination team. She has a background in Computer Science and Economics, and her involvement with grids started in 2004 at the 1st EGEE conference.

Sergio Andreozzi joined as Policy Development Manager in June 2010. He has been involved in Grid Computing since 2002, when he joined INFN to work on interoperability aspects and holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bologna and a MSc in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pisa.

Zara Qadir has a background in Biological Sciences, and has worked within the fields of e-learning, pharmaceutical marketing and schools scientific programme and curriculum development. She is now a Dissemination Officer at e-ScienceTalk, and works part time as a freelance science writer.

Hailing from a chemistry background, Manisha Lalloo now puts her science communication skills to good use in the world of e-science. She joined the GridTalk and e-ScienceTalk teams following a stint in Brussels, helping the European Parliament promote their many events. Manisha also works as a freelance chemistry writer and in her spare time likes to dance.

Corentin Chevalier is e-ScienceTalk's technical wizard. He's specialised in website conception, (particularly flash, animations and dynamic systems) and making grid computing webcasts. He also keeps close track of new technologies and concepts, of which grid computing is a biggie.

Adrian Giordani is originally from London and has a BA degree in Software Systems and fours years of commercial experience in the online industry. Having recently completed a MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College, he is now a science writer based at CERN and covers topics about grid computing, cloud computing, super computing, volunteer computing, networks and much more.

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