Friday, October 28, 2011

Art, culture and ICT

Florence is a city well-known for its art and culture, a topic that has been the focus of some of the sessions here at eChallenges.

Yesterday afternoon, we heard how ICT is playing a part in our digital libraries and cultural heritage. You can read more about some of the talks over at the EGI blog, care of Sara Coelho. We’ve also got a video interview with Hildelies Balk, of the Impact project, coming up next week.

In fact we’ve been very busy talking to the delegates here at eChallenges over the last couple of days. We’ve heard about the Pandora project, which is providing online crisis management, we’ve spoken to some of the African delegates about the importance of working with European researchers and we’re discussed the importance of making Europe’s e-Infrastructures better known with our neighbours here in the exhibition area. Although eChallenges is ending today, we've still got more for our GridCast readers so stick with us.

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