Thursday, November 17, 2011

The sound of SC11

We've just heard some exciting news from our friend Domenico Vicinanza who's over at the Supercomputing, SC11 conference in Seattle.

If you don't know him already, Domenico's the man behind the Lost Sounds Orchestra, which used grid computing to simulate the sounds of ancient instruments that had long been forgotten. He also works on turning
pretty much anything into music, via a process he calls sonification.

So what exactly is sonification? Well essentially sonification takes data, and maps it into music. For example letters can be mapped to notes, meaning the sentence 'Cats are fluffy' could be expressed musically as:

Domenico is now planning to turn a whole series of tweets into music, live from the SC11 conference later today. And you can get involved. If you're on twitter simply tweet a message with the hashtag #SC11 between 11am – 12 noon PST and it will be used to create the performance. We can't wait!

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