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Call for Tutorials for Latin American Conference on High Performance Computing 2012

Since 2007, the Latin-American Conference on High Performance Computing (CLCAR) is an event for students, scientists and researchers in the areas of high performance computing, high throughput computing, parallel and distributed systems, e-science and applications, in a global context, but with special scope in latinoamerican propositions.
It is the goal of the 2012 program committee to offer conference attendees and local participants a stimulating and informative selection of tutorials about current topics of CLCAR Interests.
Experts and researchers from different countries and related domains form the program and scientific committees of CLCAR 2012. Competent people from various countries and institutes will carry out the process of evaluating the proposals of tutorials. CLCAR 2012 to be held in Ciudad de Panama, Panama, in August 27-31. 

CLCAR 2012 official languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Selected tutorials will be presented in a half-day tutorial (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) addressed to 15-20 participants.
Proposals can be submitted in ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE or SPANISH only. The oral presentation of the tutorial may be in any CLCAR official language, but the slides will be in English anyway.
Topics of Interest:
The topics of interest for CLCAR include, but are not limited to:
1.              Platforms and Infrastructures
                                  Scalable Architectures
                                  Parallel and Distributed Architectures
                                  Cluster Computing
                                  Grid Computing
                                                    Testbed Grid
                                                    Lightweight Grids
                                                    Desktop Grid Computing
                                                    Production Grids
                                  High Performance Networks to Science and Technology
                                  Cloud Computing
                                  Embedded High Performance Computing and Systems
                                  Virtualization in Scalable and Pervasive Computing
                                  HPC Green Computing
                                  Collaborative Computing
                                  High Density Computing
2.              e-Science and Applications
                                  Applications for science and technology
                                  Industrial and business applications
                                  Health Applications and Solutions
                                  Learning and Educational applications
                                  Grid Services
                                  Program Languages and Paradigms
                                  Cloud Services
3.              Special Topics
                                  Performance Evaluation of High Performance, Distributed and Scalable Systems
                                  Fault Tolerance
                                  Semantic Grid
                                  Games Theory
                                  Economy Grid
                                  Green Computing

Tutorial Format
Proposals  should be submitted in PDF with the next important information:

1.     ·  Title of the tutorial
2.     ·  Instructor and their credentials (CV)
3.     ·  Aims/Learning objectives
4.     ·  Description of topics
5.     ·  Scope of the tutorial
6.     ·  Tutorial history (previous offerings of tutorial, if any)
7.     ·  Format of tutorial (1/2 day, 1 day)
8.     ·  300 Word Abstract (1-2 paragraphs suitable for inclusion in conference registration materials)
9.     ·  Keywords
10.  ·  Full description (1-2 pages to be used for evaluation)
11.  ·  Target Audience Information
12.  ·  Prerequisite knowledge of audience
13.  ·  Relevant references that would support proposal evaluation

Instructors of selected tutorials will be held in Panama City, with inscription and hotel expenses paid by CLCAR 2012 Conference.

Important Dates
                                  Open March 26 /2012
                                  Deadline for Full Paper Proposal: May 5 /2012
                                  Notification of Acceptance: June 1 /2012
                                  August 27-31 (Tutorials 27-28)

More information in Spanish, Portuguese or English: 

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