Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exciting advances for authentication and storage

In my short time in Grid, my users have given me many challenges to fix. Some easy, and some really quite hard. The two that fall into the hard category so far are:

1) Allowing access to our resources (owned by my home university) from other Australian universities
2) Bridging the gap between Tier 2 and Tier 3 grid storage

I am currently in the Data Technologies session at the EGI Community Forum. The first talk, brilliantly presented by DESY's Patrick Fuhrmann, outlined the new features coming with EMI v2 (and the patches thereafter). The one that got me excited was the presenting of DPM/dCache storage via NFSv4.1 to clients. This promises to make it easier to export data to the cloud (one of the areas our group is focussing on), as well as reducing the amount of steps needed for our users to analyse their data on our Tier 3 platform.

The last talk in the session, by Daniel Kouril, highlighted Project Moonshot (not the HP server project, but the Federated Identity project). Project Moonshot takes the federated identities which we are all familiar with in Web-land, and extends it to non-Web services (ssh, NFS etc). Very exciting news!

The slides can be found at:

EMI roadmap:

(I will add Daniel's when they are posted)

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