Friday, June 29, 2012

GISELA-CHAIN Conference social dinner

Last night GISELA-CHAIN Conference participants shared the dinner in a wonderful place called: Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan.

Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan

Delicious dishes were tasted, like Mole Negro and some other particular dishes like "Agave Worms" fried in olive oil.

Agave Worms

During the dinner, some NRENs personalities and the GISELA project coodinator established a discussion about the details of human resources needed to provide sustainability of the Grid services.

From left to right: Bernard Marechal (GISELA), Villie Morocho (CEDIA), Carlos Casasus (CUDI), Salma Jalife (CUDI) and Luis Núñez (RedCLARA)

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