Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GISELA 4th Bulletin: The GISELA-CHAIN Conference

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The e-Science as a new challenge
From June 27 to 29, the Autonomous University of Mexico hosted a diverse list of people to discuss the progress that has been generated in Europe and Latin America in the field of e-Infrastructures available to science and education. Featured lectures, demonstrations and with different environments and technologies, forms of organizing the use of technologies, successful projects and to be undertaken, and a discussion of political viability for institutional support to the path of Latin America in this field, were the issues made this a transcendent activity.

Latin America activates its way into advanced computing services
The GISELA-CHAIN Conference was the appropriate forum to discuss the future of Latin America in advanced computing services. Public authorities, representatives of national networks, researchers and technicians were laying out some possible ideas. A first letter of commitment to support the proposals on the issue was one of the best conclusions of this meeting.

The e-Science for the benefit of the humanity
During the conference, demonstrations on the use of the e-Infrastructure for the benefit of areas such as medicine and earth sciences stimulated the idea of a platform that could streamline processes and achieve faster results obtained in a collaborative way in cases such as the detection disease and early warning of earthquakes, hospital care units and centres for risk and disaster prevention are looking seriously at this possibilities.

New projects
As immediate projects to ensure continuity of the infrastructure and use in Latin America, distinguished: Mesoamerica, considered the pioneer project initially directed to Central America, with the potential to expand; ELCIRA - mainly for the networks with possibilities of cooperation between the European Union and Latin America, and CHAIN, as possible support in the area of regional infrastructure.

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