Monday, July 2, 2012

Now from Peru, Latin America Continues to Build e-Infrastructures

TICAL 2012 is the conference that held the Network of Information and Communication Technologies Directors from Latin American Universities (TICAL). Supporting by RedCLARA, TICAL offers an important space to discuss about the present and future of e-infrastructure services to Latin American needs, such as advanced computing services (Grid, HPC-Clouds), repositories management, high bandwidth communication,  and the pervasive interaction with the rest of the world, mainly with European partners.

This year, TICAL 2012 is in Lima, Peru, one of the most important capitals in the American continent. TICAL 2012, with more of 400 participants from different countries of Latin America (but also with North American and European guests), continues the reflection about the self sustainability, important in the GISELA-CHAIN conference was in Mexico last week. However, TICAL 2012 takes advantage of the participation of Latin American decision makers, directors of NRNE's and government representatives.

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