Thursday, August 30, 2012

CLCAR 2012 hosts Parallel Workshops to L. A. Needs Using HPC and Grid Computing

Prof. Mateo Valero (BSC-Spain) during the MesoAmerica Project Workshop
CLCAR 2012 hosts parallel workshops to treat Regional Interests and project future interactions using high performance computing resources linked by Grid Computing.

One of the parallel workshops is the MesoAmerica Project workshop. The meeting is led by Luis Nuñez, responsible of Academic Communities of the RedCLARA, the Latinamerican advanced and academic network consortium.

The project, from the high performance and Grid Computing point of view, reach to provide infrastructure and computer resources to receive, transfer, treat and store climatological and geophysics data to use for early warning systems, national weather systems, from Mexico to Ecuador. 

Some Latin American supercomputer and research centres from Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina participate in the project. But also, European partners from France and Spain, as is the case of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center directed by Prof. Mateo Valero.

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