Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A (slightly belated) welcome to the Gridcast Team for the Tech Forum!

Well, the blog is well underway, thanks to new blogger Golem Praha and the ever-prolific Catherine Gater. I’ve been enjoying Prague so far, this being my second visit to this beautiful city. Yesterday, I had a chance to pop into Globus Europe, where we heard about some exciting developments in cloud data storage and easy accessibility from Steve Tueke. Later, a heated panel discussion from Steven Newhouse, Erwin Laure, Jules Wolfrat and Steve Tueke...with lots of floor contributions, especially from David Wallom. The point of discussion was to what extent distributed computing should be disrtibuted; whether distribution should be more consolidated (Steven N)...and whether consolidation just meant centralisation, and the implications of that (Wallom). Erwin Laure later summed up what scientists want succinctly, however: "Users don’t want a technology…if the fashion of the day is called grid, cloud, that’s what they do. They just want to get their work done!"

Today, we’ve already had the plenary, including a talk from IBM Platform Computing’s Leah Parks. Leah talked about some of the interesting clients IBM have in the supercomputing area, including Red Bull Racing, who are using supercomputers in F1 car design.

Anyway, a brief chance now to introduce our blogging team for the Technical Forum Gridcast:

Carmela Asero 
Carmela is a cloud policy strategist for She has previously worked as a scientific and communications officer, where she was involved in innovation strategy and e-Infrastructure project management. Passionate about space travel, human rights, and open society, she has a degree in Economics from the University of Catania, an MA in Diplomatic Studies and an MSc in eBusiness.

Sean Crosby
Sean Crosby is the System Administrator and Developer for the Australian ATLAS Tier 2 site in Melbourne, Australia. He has a background in Physics (BSc (Hons) and PhD (Discontinued)), and a passion for researching and applying the latest technologies to the betterment of research. He also enjoys political chats, cricket and crime shows.

Golem Praha 
The Golem of Prague was born in the late 15th century. He's come to e-science fairly late in his life, although he is technically undead. He's the only member of the Gridcast team to be made out of clay and magic, but has nevertheless got into e-science in a big way, having undergone a chemical vapor deposition makeover to give him a skin of silicon. Unfortunately, he has a habit of eating computer keyboards. He likes listening to Mozart and Bobby O.

Beatrice Bressan
After a degree in Mathematical Physics and a Master's in Science Communication, Beatrice completed a PhD and postdoctoral fellowship in Knowledge Management and Technology Transfer at Helsinki University within the research programs at CERN. She has worked several years in these areas as a researcher, writer and head of communications.
Zara Qadir 
Zara has a background in Biological Sciences, and has worked within the fields of e-learning, pharmaceutical marketing and scientific programme and curriculum development. She is now a Dissemination Officer at e-ScienceTalk, and works part-time as a freelance science writer.

Stefan Janusz
Stefan has always had a passion for communicating and writing about science. After an undergraduate degree and PhD that included research projects on computational chemistry and nanofabrication/biointerfaces, he worked for several years as a science communicator for the MRC. He is really excited about the power and potential of e-science technologies. He also likes old computers and cooking.

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