Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Budapest, 31 October 2012: 5th EMI All Hands Meeting

During the three full days (29, 30 1nd 31 October) at the 5th EMI All Hands Meeting in Budapest many sessions focused on various technical aspects of the EMI project. EMI roadmap, milestones, and toolbox have been discussed by the workshop’s attendees, as well as the advance status of its most important features.
The window on middleware evolution has been opened by Cristina Aiftimiei, EMI release project manager, with an overview of the upcoming EMI release, Monte Bianco. An assessment of latest steps needed to achieve this milestone has been presented and the talk showed how EMI 3 is now very close to completion.
In their presentations, the EMI working groups focused on the last steps needed for achieving the new release, highlighting the final touches: web page details, documentations, testbeds, releases and milestones.
Intense discussions focused on the future steps needed to maintain and evolve further the middleware, which requires also engagement of new communities. ScienceSoft is indeed more than ever ready to call for new participants. Alberto Di Meglio, EMI project manager and president of the ScienceSoft Steering Committee, closed the meeting by illustrating ScienceSoft as the best perspective for future EMI sustainability.

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