Friday, March 8, 2013

E-infrastructure success stories winners

Presenting the winners of the E-Infrastructure Awards...

The E-Infrastructure competition highlighted the best success stories from the FP7 Capacities funding programme in e-Infrastructures.

Catherine Gater, project coordinator of e-ScienceTalk said: “I am pleased to support the European Commission in organizing the concertation meeting and the competition through the e-ScienceTalk project, which brings the success stories of e-science to a wider audience and is very much a success story itself. The quality of all the entries was extremely high, and the jury was delighted to award the prizes to the winning projects after some tough decisions.”

Andrew Purcell, Editor of International Science Grids This Week (iSGTW) introduced the winning and runner-up projects to delegates at the e-Concertation meeting.

Kostas Glinos, Head of Unit "GÉANT & e-Infrastructure" in DG INFSO – the Directorate General for Information Society and Media, presented the awards to the winners. In each category, the winners are...

Better society

1st Prize: OpenAIRE — Supporting Open Science in Europe
Natalia Manola

2nd Prize: iMarine — Cool tools and high level experts for fisheries management and knowledge
Donatella Castelli
Competitive industries

1st Prize: PRACE —  How e-research infrastructures can catalyse European industrial competitiveness

Stephane Requena, chief technology officer of France's GENCI

2nd Prize: SIENA — Standards Success Story for European e-infrastructure Evolution
Daniele Lezzi of the SIENA project
Excellent science

1st Prize: GÉANT — Driving technology across the digital divide.
Dorte Olesen, chair of GÉANTs policy committee.

2nd Prize: WeNMR — Toward full automation of the determination of protein structures by NMR
Project coordinator Alexandre Bonvin

Congratulations to all the winners! For more information on the projects read the full article in iSGTW.

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