Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello ISGC 2013 Bloggers

GridCast is blogging all week from  International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2013.

ISGC is held every year within the beautiful campus of the Academia Sinica in Taipei, and brings together experts in distributed computing, grids and e-science from the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world.

Please join us for some lively discussions featuring applications in physics, engineering , biomedicine and life sciences, earth and environmental science, humanities and social sciences, and Big Data Analytics and visualisations.

We've also got a great GridCast Blogger team on board this year: Tom Fifield, Muhammad Fahan Sjaugi, Neasan O'Neill, Beatrice Bressan and Sean Crosby.

You can also follow the event via twitter at @e_scitalk.

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