Monday, June 17, 2013

Latinamerican High Performance and Grid Computing Community calls for contributions to CLCAR 2013 in San José Costa Rica

The Latinamerican Conference on High Performance Computing (CLCAR, from spanish acronym) 2013 will be held this year in San José, Costa Rica. Since 2007, the Latin-American Conference on High Performance Computing (CLCAR) is an event for students, scientists and researchers in the areas of high performance computing, high throughput computing, parallel and distributed systems, e-science and applications, in a global context, but with special scope in latinoamerican propositions. GridCast is media-partner of this latinamerican activity.

The program and scientific committees are formed by experts and researchers from different countries and related domains. Competent people from various countries and institutes will carry out the process of evaluating the proposals. CLCAR 2013 to be held in San José,  Costa Rica, in August 26-30. 

CLCAR 2013 official languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish. People willing to present their proposals can present them mainly in two forms: Oral Presentations (Full Paper) and Posters (Extended abstract) until Sunday, June 23.

This year there are two activities proposed inside the conference: the first one, the bioinformatic and biochemistry researchers propose the bio-CLCAR, and the second, the CLCAR scientific visualization challenge. 

Different Proposals can be  submitted in  ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE or SPANISH only (full papers and extended abstracts).  Papers written in Spanish or Portuguese should have the title and its abstract in english too. The oral presentation may be in any CLCAR official language, but the slides will be in English anyway.  Selected posters from extended abstracts must be show in English.

For more information about CLCAR 2013, please visit the official site:

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