Monday, July 1, 2013

Asynchronous Parallel Computing Programming School in Bucaramanga, Colombia

With more than 70 students from different South America countries and the support of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain (BSC), the Asynchronous Computing Programming with MPI/OMPSs addressed to hybrid architectures school is developed in Bucaramanga, Colombia.  The school is organized by the High Performance and Scientific computing Laboratory of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (SC3 UIS) in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and continues until next Friday 5.

The school search to diffuse specific programming competences to the researchers, engineers and students which interact with the Latin-American and Caribbean Service of advanced computing (SCALAC from Spanish/Portuguese acronym), specifically with hybrid architectures as GUANE-1 the main HPC platform of the SC3 UIS (http:// )
Several applications to test in this school, are related with particular uses in science and engineering, for example, weather applications, bioinformatics and computational chemistry, astrophysics, condensed matter, energy and seismic. SCALAC joint all Grid and Advanced Computing experience received in some projects developed in the last 10 years in Latinamerica.

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