Sunday, July 21, 2013

High Performance Computing, e-Science and Scalable Architectures Next a Volcano

36 Students from Mexico and some countries of central america have begun the participation in the 2013 version of the Supercomputing and Distributed Systems Camp. This year, the SCCAMP is conducted at the Instituto Tecnológico de Colima, in the beautiful town of Villa de Alvarez in the Colima State, México. As in 2011, the SCCamp is developed near of a volcano: the Colima Volcano.

SCCamp is an initiative of researchers to offer to undergraduate and master students a state-of-the-art knowledge upon High Performance and Distributed Computing topics. In 2013 version, students will learn topics in 7 days summer school, starting from large-scale infrastructures (Cluster, Grid, Cloud) to CUDA Programming.  Instructors are from several countries in the world: Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico and Venezuela.

Past SC-CAMP were made in Colombia (2010), Costa Rica (2011) and Venezuela (2012). Every year an interesting special topic is proposed and selected. The special topic of this year is the use of reconfigurable architectures to scientific applications. 

The SCCAMP 2013  is supported by some international partners.  GridTalk and iSTGW are media partners of SCCAMP.

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