Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Itaracuça F2F GISELA Meeting: Thinking e-Science and Grid Computing Collaboration in America Latina

Among 3 days, GISELA  (Grid Initiatives for e-Science virtual communities in Europe and Latin America) members were joined in Itaracuça, Brazil to think the new actions face to Latin America community needs and perspectives. The board of 15 representatives and managers of different GISELA work package and CLARA  (Latin America Cooperation of Advanced Networks) transition teams, coordinated by Bernard Marechal, was discussed about actions and strategies to develop and evolve Grid computing infrastructure and support the research communities in accordance with specific and general needs. 

The action plan proposed for the board, implies different activities and strategies to ensure good dissemination of Grid Computing possibilities, custom user (and communities) support and the develop of infrastructure and oriented-services portfolio to scientists and academic communities.

In the picture (Standing right to left): Ramon Diacovo (WP4-NGI/LGI Infrastructure Services Manager, UFRJ Brazil), Bernard Maréchal (Project Coordinator, CETA-CIEMAT /UFRJ, Spain, Brazil), Phillipe Gavilet (Deputy Project Coordinator, CETA-CIEMAT/CERN, Spain, Switzerland), Herbert Hoeger (WP2-Dissemination and Outreach Manager, ULA, Venezuela), Diego Carvalho (WP3-User Communities Support Manager, CEFET-RJ, Brazil), Jesus Cruz Guzman (WP4-CLARA Transition Team, UNAM, Mexico), Luis Trejo Rodriguez (Technical Coordinator, ITESM, Mexico) and Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez (WP6-CLARA Transition Team, UIS, Colombia). (Sitting left to right): Luis Nuñez (CLARA Academic Communities Director, UIS/ULA, Colombia, Venezuela), Dago Hernando Bedoya Ortiz (WP3-CLARA Transition Team, RENATA, Colombia), Francisco Vilar Brasileiro (WP6-Intrastructure and Application-Oriented Services for User Communities Manager, UFCG, Brazil), Gilberto Javier Diaz Toro (WP5-Network Resource Provision Manager, ULA, Venezuela), Salma Jalife Villalón (Project Deputy Coordinador, CLARA, Mexico), Ysabel Briceño (WP2 Deputy, ULA, Venezuela) and Leandro Ciuffo (External Advisory Committee, RNP, Brazil)

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Dear Colleauges,

Just wanted to bring the following event to your attention: Brasil@Home from 2-7 May in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. This is about public participation in e-science, and despite the name, we would love to see participants from all of Latin America join.

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Francois Grey, Coordinator of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre