Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Resource Infrastructure Providers meet VRCs at GISELA and CHAIN workshop

Later today the GISELA and CHAIN projects will be holding a workshop here at the EGI User Forum to enable Resource Infrastructure Providers to meet VRCs.

The workshop is expected to make a step forward in the matching of Virtual Research Communities (VRC)’ requirements and Infrastructure Resource Providers plans. Hopefully it will help to pinpoint the critical issues and the necessary technical developments, if any, that still need to be addressed in order to fulfil the requirements of the VRCs.

Session A will feature presentations and discussions on the biology VRC WeNMR, HealthGrid, and well as geosciences and the Digital Cultural Heritage VRC, DC-NET & INDICATE projects.

Session B will see:
- EGI present its VRC coordinating role with the Resource Infrastructure Providers (as discussed in the Amsterdam meeting)
- GISELA present its VRC framework for Latin America (e.g. dissemination, customised training, new services)
- CHAIN present its VRC framework for the RIPs it represents (EUMEDGRID, EUIndiaGrid2 etc)

For best discussion, the workshop needs you to let resource providers know what your requirements are. To have your say you can attend the workshop at 14.00 today.

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