Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Many Paths of OGF 23

Many Paths, One Way!
The coming OGF will be my 6th in a row. I've attended OGF events regularly since the GLUE Working Group was created and this turned out to change radically the way I live this event.

I still remember my first OGF event (at that time it was called GGF, Global Grid Forum, it was number 5 in 2002, Edinburgh, UK). Service orientation was just emerging and OGSA (Open Grid Service Architecture) was a fresh new term coined in the Physiology of the Grid paper.

At that time I was an errand tourist of the Grid. Fresh new job in a fresh new context. Almost 6 years since then and many things changed. GGF itself changed and after a progressive expansion in scope, it refocused on core Grid specifications and user communities by delegating other standard bodies the definition of the grounds for Service Oriented middleware (e.g., WS-RF defined by OASIS).

In less than two days, OGF 23 will open its doors in the beautiful Barcelona and your first trouble will be to choose which path to go. The schedule is really rich and whichever path you go, I wish you a great experience.

Note: the image "Many Paths, One Way!" was taken by me in Barcelona in Feb 2007 and is distributed under the Creative Commons license Creative Commons License

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