Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jens' rule number 1 of Grid computing: the Grid is an experimental science.
Developing a protocol is all very good, but what use is it without implementations? And you need more than one implementation, in more than one commonly used language. Implementers sometimes interpret specifications differently: interoperability is very important, and the OGF GIN activities have been very important. I look forward to discussing the next steps.
Practices and service baselines are other useful outcomes of the OGF. The discussions may happen anyway, but the advantage of the OGF is that the process is open - anyone can join a session and contribute, and hopefully some cross-pollination will happen too. Discussing best practices in OGF can lend the process an authority that makes it easier to persuade peers to follow, and help develop, best practices. I expect a lot of that during the week.
Having now clocked up my carbon miles, I now sit in the hotel room, munching my way through the minibar, preparing my presentations. Rule number 2: there's nothing like deadlines to focus the mind.

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