Wednesday, June 4, 2008

GIN sessions

Today, I attended two sessions of the Grid Interoperability Now Community (GIN). The interest in the topic was very high, as most seats in the lecture room were taken. The sessions presented a number of interesting arguments on BES and JSDL, as well as on the Security models which are currently in use in the available grid middleware stacks. In addition, the sessions were well-prepared by the chairmen, Erwin Laure and Morris Riedel. I will try to participate in GIN sessions also in the future.

As a summary from my EGI view, I would consider GIN as a very important interaction between the standardization groups and the middleware providers. The standardization groups can learn about the best practices in grids, what people are using today and what has proven useful. The middleware providers, on the other hand, can communicate their wishes and requirements to the standards groups. If we consider a future EGI infrastructure in Europe, I could anticipate that a similar forum as GIN is needed for the interaction between the middleware providers on the future EGI infrastructure and the OGF standardization groups.

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