Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OGF23 podcast - Live from the OGF23 welcome reception

Oh, the fun we had making this one...thanks to everyone who helped us out last night in making this film....we're still working on a second-half, which should be fun :-)

P.S: A funny story attached to this one: Cristy was wandering around the room, asking people if they'd like to be part of this video. Corentin was filming. It was a fabulous atmosphere, everyone was laughing and chatting (and trust building)...Some of the people Cristy asked said yes, some said no. One gentleman smiled and quipped: "I'm not here with my PR minder, so I'll have to pass." Cristy laughed and said "Sure, all of us famous people need to check with our PR people before we comment." Then she laughed at her own great joke. (As usual :-)).
But then he laughed again, and showed her his name badge. Whoops. He really was a famous person and he really did have a PR minder. She was chatting to Paul Strong from eBay. Yikes. The people you meet at these things. And the people you humiliate yourself in front of. :-) :-/ Just as well we like our job :-)

Anyway....thanks heaps to all for helping out with this video...Keep your eyes peeled for Part II :-)

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