Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ben goes live in iSGTW

Ben Sterrett's podcast at ISSGC'08 has been picked up by International Science Grid This Week...Nice one :-)

Ben was the first under our camera's eye, and we've since had some more great interviews with a number of other staff and students: thanks to all!

It's not always easy to be under the glare of the camera, but it's never going to be easier than right here, right now. (Get some practice for when you are accepting prizes for your grid-powered scientific research :-)) . Thanks, in advance, for your help!

If you would like to help with a podcast or interview, please come and say HI! :-) Thanks also to our bloggers, who are doing a great job with their posts...As we say in New Zealand: "Sweet as, bro." (It means "Ripper, bonza mate" in Australia)(Or "Yoku deketeiru" in Japanese)(Anyone else know some sweet slang for "well done"?)

PS: You can subscribe to International Science Grid This Week for FREE (YAY! Free stuff!)


Anonymous said...

"yoku dekiteiru" ;)

Sebastian Mosser said...

French : "Bien joué !"