Monday, July 14, 2008

Power Outage

The worst thing that can happen to a computer scientist is a power outage, which happened this morning in the hotel. The power came back on right at the start of the first session, so we could enjoy a very good talk about SAGA by Shantenu Jha.

We were not able to turn our thin clients on, due to water in the confernce room.

The weather here is really bad at the moment it is pouring with rain [Edit: it is also very stormy and that's probably what caused the power outage]. It also rained into my room. There is a huge puddle of water in the entrance of my room.

A report what happened on the weekend will follow later. As you probably noticed I have not been very active on the weekend, which is due to the fact that I (like many others here) enjoyed our freetime as far away from computers as possible.

At the moment the practical for SAGA is going on and I guess I better listen to this now.


corentin chevalier said...

I'm agree with you, it was a disaster. But we have to say that there were a huge storm, that explains the power failure...
Now all is OK, fortunately !

yoyo said...

I added this to the post. You are right, it probably did not become clear in the original posting.