Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here I am! (mosquitos too!)

Well. I'm Valeria and this night I'm at the hotel, while almost all the others (students, and not!) are in a disco (or something like that), like yesterday. So I can write calmly my first post here...

I'm very sorry to be late (Cristy forgive me please!), but I haven't had any time... Actually, I don't know how is it possible that other guys have had time, as I don't know how is it possible that they are not SUPER-TIRED at 11 p.m. and later.... Maybe I'm missing too much my partner, or I am simply too lazy,... or more probably precociously aged! :-)

Anyway, now I'm here, writing, and thinking about my first week at the school: it was good. Lessons were interesting and practical exercises were useful... but other student have talk enough about them!

Instead, today has been a bit different. We have listened to some talks less technical and maybe lighter then the previous (overall the last one, that was really funny!) and, at last, we have had free time!

I'm not eating very much everyday, because I'm unused to this kind of cooking (I am ITALIAN! I miss ITALIAN cooking!!) so I had a quick lunch and then I took a walk in Balatonfüred, for some shopping, but I didn't buy anything :-(.

At 4 p.m. o'clock I had an appointment in the hall: as you probably know, we are the winners of the treasure hunt (Flamingo Team), and we won... an hour on a pedalo! This afternoon we “picked up” our prize: we were all the members of Flamingo but without Alina and Mai (:-( I'm very sorry), who had other plans: instead of them, we took with us some others, among them Giulio, Diego, Armando, Kate, Philip (if I'm writing it well!)...

It has been a nice hour... with a lot of (maybe too many!) ELASTIC GAMES (someone knows what I mean)!

Later... SOCCER MATCH!! I hope that someone has taken any photos, because it was really a funny show (:-S)! Not without victims: on the field we lost an Armando's little toe. These things happen.

Finally, I can say that this has been a very long day, and it's better that I stop to write now... It's very very late for me! Bye bye to all! See you soon!

(P.S.: I think I'll take to home a lot of “mosquitos” in the keyboard of my laptop!)

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