Monday, July 14, 2008

Desktop Grids, Community Grids

In this moment (after 12 hours ago of interesting talks), we learn about Desktop Grid Computing. People work unified by Grid Computing. Volunteer computing allows shared propositions, ideas, resources and goals between differents-heterogeneous-multi-cultural possibilites!!! Of course, as is well known, infrastructures, middleware and applications are important, but, the most important are the people (different people :-) like in ISSCG'08).

Just for information, next desktop Grid Boinc meeting:

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Cristy Burne said...

How cool that thousands of people volunteer their spare computing cycles to help with serious science! People helping to power research in to the things they care about: research in to climate change, HIV/AIDs, malaria...(or prime numbers, if you're really in to maths ;-)) Check out some volunteer computing projects on GridCafe:

GridRepublic has even more useful (and some slightly wacky) projects: