Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First clues

Yesterday we received first information about how the integrating practical is going to work. It sounds all quite strange to me. But let's see how it is going to look like when it gets started.

The "late night talk" with Peter Kacsuk about Desktop Grids received much attention, since it was the talk with the most questions in the entire summer school. It was easy to follow and the # of slides matched with the one hour slot. Many talks in the summer school suffer from too many slides.

Since we got out at about 10pm from the talks, socialising was not "outsourced" today, people had a spontaneous gathering "in house" in the lobby.

Today is about data and I think this will be important for the integrating practical.

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Cristy Burne said...

If you're interested in "desktop grids" or volunteer computing, check out this terrific presentation by Francois Gray (my old boss!). He also talks about "volunteer thinking", which is another interesting way for ordinary people to make serious contributions to scientific research.

Check it out at: