Thursday, July 10, 2008

Downtown and the Undead Chef

The grid school is going really well so far- yesterday we had a really good lecture and practical on Condor. I had previously worked with Condor, but I still didn't know half of the things taught yesterday, so that was really nice. I'm looking forward to getting to listen to Ben today on Globus.

So far every night after dinner Erik, Anthony, and myself have been venturing out into downtown to try and find something to occupy ourselves after the long days spent in the conference center. Typically, after searching for a while, we decide to just grab a beer and sit out on the hotel balcony overlooking the lake. It's not that there isn't anything to do- there are a lot of things that we could do- it's just I guess we don't view ourselves as good enough dancers to venture into the disco clubs or bars.

One thing in particular that I want to mention is the statue in front of one of the restaurants. It's one of the creepiest statues I recall ever seeing, and with the encouragement of Alain I now share it with you:

I apologize for any nightmares that might ensue.

And on another note, the bands Massive Attack and Fatboy Slim happen to be playing across the lake this weekend, which are two bands that I happen to listen to in the States! Really looking forward to that.

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